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Global Leader In High Temperature Textiles


WALLEAN® is a professional manufacturer of the high temperature textiles and sealing products for thermal insulation and heat protection application in global market.

We have three manufacturing bases focuse on the high temperature texiels, including fiberglass fabrics with high performance coatings, thermal insulation textiles and sealing products, fire sleeve & fabricated products.

Thermal insulation textiles including fabrics, tapes, ropes, sleeves, yarns and mats made from various fibers, such as Silica 1100°C, Glass 550°C, Ceramic 1260°C, Bio soluble Ceramic 1260°C, HT glass 700°C, Stainless steel fiber 680°C, Basalt 650°C, Aramid 260°C.

WALLEAN® high temperature fabrics are widely used as welding blanket, welding curtain, fire blanket, fire curtain, fire doors, insulaiton jacket, removable cover, saftey clothing, radiant heat protection, fabric expansion joint, conveyor belt, high temperature insulation, noise barrier acountic, etc.

We are looking forward to serving your business as a long term reliable partner at our professional products knowledge, rapid response, and qualified products.


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We have three plants focus on different products ranges.

Plant 1# - Fabrics Plant
Various Coated Fabrics & Welding Blankets & Fire Blanket Plant:
(Various Coatings on Fiberglass Fabric & Silica Fabric & Ceramic Fabric)

Plant 2# - Insulation Textiles Plant
Fiberglass textiles & Ceramic Textiles & Silica Textiles &Gland Packing Plant:
(Fabric & Tape & Rope & Packing & Tape & Yarn & Blanket)

Plant 3# - Firesleeve Plant
Firesleeve & Fabricators Plant:
(Insulation Jacket & Below & Cusion & Fabric Expansion Joint)

We are pleased to serve you with our technical high temperature textiles.