Biosoluble ceramic fiber products

Bio soluble ceramic fiber yarn

Item No.: WCYB
Tex: 500 - 5000
Ply: 1,2,3
Roll weight: 1.25kg, 2kg, 2.5kg
Reinforcement: fiberglass or ss wire
Temperature service 650deg C - 1260deg C
  • Produced from an extremely pure alumina-silicate bio soluble ceramic fiber
  • Available with fiberglass yarn reinforcement or Steel wire reinforcement
  • An alternative to asbestos based rope
  • Highly flexible and minimal shrinkage
  • Provides low thermal conductivity and good dielectric strength and features excellent corrosion resistance
  • Used at 2300°F / 1260°C continuously, molts above 3000°F / 1650 °C

Common applications for this yarn include high temperature sealing, producing ceramic fiber fabric, tape, rope or sleeve .

300°F / 1260°C:  Bio Soluble  Ceramic Fiber Yarn
Part number TEX Roll weight (kg) Reinforcement
WCY525BG 525x2 1.25 Glass
WCY525BS 525x2 1.25 Stainless steel wire
WCY700BG 700x2 1.25 Glass
WCY700BS 700x2 1.25 Stainless steel wire
WCY1000BG 1000x2 1.25 Glass
WCY1000BS 1000x2 1.25 Stainless steel wire