Fire sleeve with Velcro

Firesleeve with snap

Item No.: WFS2RM-S
Diameter: 12mm - 150mm
Thickness: 2mm - 5mm
Length: 15m, 20m, 30m, 40m, 50m
Material: Silicone + fiberglass
Color: red, black, yellow, grey, white, green, brown
Certificate: DIN / SGS / UL / TUV / CE / etc
This Firesleeve with snap is aerospace grade fire sleeve perfect for protecting industrial hose and cable, with the benefits of being installed & removed as required without disconnecting the hose, cable or wire.

The snap type remains inside of the sleeve and is protected by the fabric overlap. The thread used is a high temperature fiberglass or Aramid. Also an excellent cold temperature sleeve with flexibility to -76°C for refrigeration and cryogenic applications.

This sleeve is fabricated from slitting braided substrate firesleeve, underlying fiberglass fray does not affect the performance of firesleeve, clean edge/serged edge(overlock sewn) can be supplied by request.

Typical applications are as an Electric Arc Furnace cable cover, robotic welding cable protection, steel mill roll-stand hydraulic hose protection, steel mill cooling water hose protection or as a cover in extreme environments where serviceability is required. 

This snap type Aerospace grade firesleeve is popular used in all industries.