Heat treated fiberglass fabric

0.8mm thickness HT800 Heat treated (Caramelized) fiberglass fabric

Item No.: HT800
Thickness: 0.8mm
Weight: 840g/m2
Width: 1m, 1.5m
Length: 50m
Smoke free
Tan color
Organics burn out during the heat treatment process, it is highly flexible and minimal shrinkage , used in surroundings where no smokes allowed, applications including welding blankets, stress relieving, removable insulation covers, fire blankets, fire curtains, expansion joints and flue ducts.

► Used at 1000°F / 537°C continuous 
► Heat treatment to burn out organic i.e. starch or silane  on fabrics
► Used in places where no smokes allowed
► Available both filament and texturized fabrics
► A high-performance very high temperature fabric, used in almost all industries for heat protection. 

► Welding spark protection blankets/ curtains, plumbers pads,
► Insulation mattress/jacket cover material
► High temperature fabric seals
►  Fire protection