PVC coated fiberglass fabric

0.2mm thickness PVC coated fiberglass fabric orange color

Item No.: WFF102PV
Thickness: 0.2mm
Weight: 280g/m2
Width: 1m, 1.27m
Length: 100m
Both sides orange color PVC coating
Other colors in grey, black, green are available
PVC coated fiberglass fabric is constructed from a fiberglass base fabric and impregnated or coated both sides with a specially compounded PVC resin, which enhanced the strength, fireproof, high temperature insulation ozone, oxygen, sun weather and oil workability.

► Service temperature 550degree C 
► Ozone, oxide, light and weathering aging resistance, excleent weather ability used in outdoors and ages maybe reach to 10years
► Abrasion resistance
► Resist water, oil, vapor, moisture, chemicals, UV, etc.

► Shield fabric of train, truck transportation, preservation of food stuff, quay and storehouse, it's mainly used for waterproofing
► Wind-booting tube fabric: drilling turret clothes, sorts of tent, mine winnd-booting tube, etc. it's mainly used as waterproofing, fireproofing, cold-proofing and corrosion resistant
► Heat holding: bind sorts of pipeline and equipment, cut into pieces for various usage
► Fireproofing glue-belt
► Fireproofing electric welding blanket, fireproofing insulated shelter, fireproofing tent
► Construction tarplin material: shape kinds of perspective project out shelding
► Ship building tarplin