Silica needle mat

Silica needle mat

Item No.: WSN
Thickness: 3mm - 25mm
Width: 1m- 2.4m
Density: 110kg/m3 - 180kg/m3
SiO2 content: 96%
Temperature service up to 1100deg C
Molten temperature 1700deg C
Silica Needled Insulation enables the product to be easily cut and fabricated into intricate design configurations. Excellent thermal strength enhances high product value-in-use.

Silica Needled Insulation, made from amorphous silica, is ideal for a wide range of critical, high temperature applications. Silica Needled Insulation comes in in three thicknesses and can be Shrunk (nominal 5%) or Un-Shrunk (nominal 13%). It contains no shot (small spheres) which is important in certain insulation applications. 

Silica Needled Insulation is designed to withstand temperatures up to 1,100°C. It is comprised of non-respirable, 9-micron filament fibers that are mechanically bonded and contain no added resins or adhesives. Density is 8 to 10 lb/ft3. Silica Needled Insulation is environmentally-friendly since it contains no harmful refractory ceramic fibers (RCF).

Continuous working temp.:  1100℃degree
Short time working temp.:   1400℃degree
Instant working temp.:      1650℃degree

Potential Applications
►Thermal Insulation Pads
►Removable Insulation Covers
►Thermal Curtains
►Insulation for Furnaces
►Stress Relieving Blankets
►Aluminum Rolling Mills
►Glass Processing
►Turbine Insulation
►Engine Exhaust Insulation
►Engine Compartment Insulation

Extensively used in the following Industries: