Silica tape

Silica slit tape with adhesive back

Item No.: WST-B
Thickness: 0.7mm & 1.5mm
Width: 25mm - 200mm
Length: 10m
Temperature servie up to 1100deg C
Molten temperature 1700deg C
SiO2 content >96%
Silica Adhesive-Backed Slit Tapes protect equipment in high temperature applications against welding splatter, fire, extreme heat and molten metal. Silica Adhesive-Backed Slit Tapes are ideal as insulation or thermal protection over: pipes, electrical wires, water hoses, cords and cables. 

Silica Adhesive-Backed Slit Tapes  are better value than regular slit tapes because they have the added benefit of adhesive backing for ease of installation as cable wraps. Silica tapes are used extensively in the Power Generation, Refinery, Construction, Shipbuilding, and Metal Processing industries. 

Continuous working temp.:  1100℃degree
Short time working temp.:   1400℃degree
Instant working temp.:      1650℃degree

► Resists High Temperature and Penetration of Molten Metal Weld “Slag” 
► Fireproof 
► Woven Edge 
► Excellent Insulating Properties 
► Can Be Used In Fabrication Benefits 
► Protects Cables, Pipes, Cords and Other Equipment in the Toughest Welding 

► Protects Against Hot Work Fires 
► Does Not Unravel Like Slit Tape 
► Lower Energy Costs 
► Reinforces Edges of Blankets & Curtains

1. Tape widths are 1”, 1.25”, 1.5”, 2”, 2.5”, 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”, 7” and 8”. Other widths are available upon request. 
2. Rolls may consist of two pieces. Roll length is 10 meters. 
3. Adhesive backing eases installation of tape at low temperature, but is sacrificial at 275˚F. 
4. A light hydrocarbon coating is applied for improved handling at low temperatures. 
5. Silica tapes are made of amorphous silica, and contain no asbestos or ceramic fibers