Silica rope

Silica square braided rope

Item No.: WSR2
Diameter: 3x3mm -50x50mm
Shape: square braided
Temperature service up to 1100deg C
Molten temperature 1700deg C
Silica Square Braided Ropes are used primarily as packing for high temperature sealing applications. Silica Ropes withstand extreme temperatures up to 1,100°C and are used as tadpole tape cores, furnace door gaskets, high temperature caulking, and coke oven door seals. Silica ropes are used extensively by the Power Generation, Furnace, Oven, Refinery, Construction, Shipbuilding, Welding and Metal Processing Industries

► Resists Penetration of Weld “Slag” 
► Fireproof • Compressible 
► Excellent Insulating Properties 

► Protects Equipment in Welding Applications 
► Reduces Risk of “Hot Work” Fires 
► Great Gasket Seal in High Temperature Applications 
► Lower Utility Costs

1. All Silica ropes have a silicon dioxide content of 96%. 
2. Silica ropes are made of amorphous silica, and contain no asbestos or ceramic fibers