Aerospace grade fire sleeve

Silicone End Seal Wrap

Item No.: WSA
Thickness: 0.5mm
Width: 1" and 1 1/2" (25 & 37mm)
Length: 36 feet (10.9m) per roll
Temperature from -65°F / -53°C up to -500°F / -260°C
Seal the end of Firesleeve
Flame retardant
Colors: Iron red, orange, blue, black, etc
Silicone End Seal Wrap is an unsupported silicone rubber tape which makes it apply a consistent thickness of silicone rubber over the transition from the end of Firesleeve to the surface of the hose being protected.

This specially formulated silicone rubber provides a self-fusing, inseparable, cohesive moisture resistant barrier over a range of temperature from -65°F / -53°C up to -500°F / -260°C. Conforming smoothly when wrapped around complex forms, the tape bonds at room temperature into a single inseparable layer after 24hours.

The product remains non-tacky to the touch and is inherently flame retardant, providing a superior alternative to the standard band clamp.

This tape is available in 1" and 1 1/2" widths (25 & 37mm), with 36 feet (10.9m) of tape per roll. 
The tape is mounted on a backing film for easy unwinding.

This high temperature, heat and flame resistant Silicone End Seal Wrap is the perfect choice for sealing the ends of firesleeve, thereby preventing the firesleeve from wicking liquids such as water, oil or hydraulic fluid.  This Silicone End Seal Wrap can also be used to help secure other types of fiberglass and silica tapes over wires, cables, hoses, tube and pipe to make clean and neat installation..

Photo show colorful Silicone End Seal Wrap, more colors are available.

The tape is using by running down the centre to performing a standard 50% overlap when wrapping the tape around splices of hoses, cables and wires.
Silicone End Seal Wrap is self bonding to itself and other silicone rubber sleeve and tape, providing a waterproof/air tight end to the installation of firesleeve over hoses and cables.