Basalt fiber yarn

Basalt fiber sewing thread

Item No.: WBYS
PTFE coated basalt fiber sewing thread
Diameter: 5.5micron
Tex: 156, 208
Twist per meter: Z280
Sizing: silane
PTFE content: 7%
Tatanium color
Temperature service up to 650deg C - 980deg C
  • Basalt sewing thread is made of continuous basalt fiber, which are plied and twisted, then treated with PTFE to improve the sewing property on machine.
  • High twisted ,high tensile strength, high temperature resistance
  • Wear resistance, corrosion resistance
  • Smooth and soft, convenient for sewing on machine

Common application of this basalt sewing thread with PTFE treated is sewing filter bag and other high temperature textiles.
1200°F / 648°C:  Basalt Sewing Thread With PTFE Treated
Part number Fiber Filament Diameter
Twist Direction Twist Coating
WBYS156 Basalt 6 156 S 280 NO
WBYS208 Basalt 6 208 S 280 NO
WBYS156P Basalt 6 156 S 280 PTFE
WBYS208P Basalt 6 208 S 280 PTFE
Every roll is packed in shrinkage film wrapping, 15rolls/ctn.